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Creating interactions that matter - for Brands, Artists, Influencers, content platforms & apps. Exceptional Social Media Strategy is what we Dream, Devise & Deliver.

Influencer marketing services

What We Do

We Help You Leapfrog The Social Media
Matrix & Powerfully Project Your Brand

Our multi-faceted approach creates a strategic advantage for Influencers, brands and artists alike with our custom created marketing solutions and branded platforms.

  • - Brands
  • - Independent Artists
  • - Influencers
  • - MCN for Content Platforms/Apps

For Brands

We are your social powerhouse. Our streamlined strategies help your brand or business become highly visible, create recall and funnel transactions.

Influencer Marketing
Celebrity Endorsements
Platform Specific Campaigns
Digital PR
Content Creation
Brand Anthems & Videos
Digital Marketing
Brand & Website Design
Social Media Marketing
Meme Marketing
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You are great at creating music. We are great at making it viral. With our expert team by your side, getting your music or brand anthem viral will no longer be a distant dream.

Viral Music marketing
Personal Brand Development
Fan Base
Digital PR
Connect with Brands & Advertisers
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For influencers

our passion meets our platform! At One Media, we curate and execute the most promising Customized Growth Plans and Social Media Marketing Packages for brands across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more, keeping your unique talent and style in mind!

Personal Brand Development
Fan Base
Creative support for content creation
Connect with Brands & Advertisers
Assist in Marketing Campaigns
Platform specific strategies
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MCN For Content Platforms /Apps

One Media is an MCN for MX TakaTak! We are an Official
Partner Agency for this rapidly thriving platform.

True Enablers
Ensuring Social Reach, Growth and Virality
Paving Instant Fame - One Month Know More

Niche Community

We believe that content is king hence our digital communities are designed in a way to encourage, support and amplify genuine talent by creating and promoting astounding content.

ONE SONG - For music lovers
FEATURED FASHION - For fashion enthusiasts
MAI CARTOON HOON - For the love of Memes
ONE DANCE - For dance lovers
CUDDLE MY DOG - For dog lovers
ACOUSTIC PEOPLE - For musicians Know More
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