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Campaign Objective

To revive and strengthen “All About You” fashion label launched by Deepika Padukone in collaboration with Myntra’s design team and to target the right audience in order to generate customer engagement

Strategy & Execution

The strategy planned for the campaign was to run an online contest #AllAboutYouWishlist that could capture the right audience.

  • We created an engaging contest where viewers were asked to share the wishlist of their favourite AAY outfits online using the hashtag #AllAboutYou.

  • On boarded a few influencers who participated in the challenge online in order to create a buzz about the brand.

  • Used various analytical tools to monitor the campaign and take necessary steps.

We were able to generate satisfactory results through this campaign. The hashtag was trending all over the internet

Campaign Showcase

Campaign Showcase


2 million


1 million


1.5 million

Contest Entries

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