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creating the perfect tango of brands & infleuncers.

raise your brand's celeb quotient

the right content, the right tone of voice and the right celebrity influencers for your brand. it can be a difficult ask. but we have got it sorted for you. brief us and then watch us work the magic as we perfectly pair your brand with the right celebrity, influencer, artist, sportsperson or even a niche evangelist with dedicated followers.

people up your social game

engaging content, exciting interactions and a brand story skillfully woven in... tailored to your target market and consumers. our influencers use a mix of retentive ideas to create a meaningful conversation that elevates and expands your brand's content reach and influence

Energize that sales funnel

when our influencer marketing matrix get to work it reaches a large set of your consrumers through a cascade effect. you will see the effect in your brand visibility, relevance and most important sales: overall or for a specified objective that is driven through special purpose campaigns.

creating enduring brand values

what does your brand stand for. how do you want it to be perceived, is there an element of your brand perception you want to change in the eyes of the consumer? our influencers will work closely with your brand team to understand these requirements and project if effectively in a sustained manner for recurring returns.

drive website traffic

quality content, curated traffic from highly ranked influencers and targeted campaigns that will drive traffic to your website and grow your audience. see a jump in your SEO Scores, Get More visits and stand out from your competitors through relevant backlinks and improved site rank through our influencer Network.

Appsolutely perfect

help your app achieve that magic number of downloads in no time at all. Celebrity mentions, endorsements and custom created influencer marketing interventions will help your innovative app achieve the maximum eyeballs and installs in the shortest possible time.

the right influencers

we have a galaxy of influencers that pan the spectrum, from global to local. generic to specific. fashion to sport. big city to small towns... we find the right mix for youe brand to tell its story through content that creates the right impact for your brand.

build that connection

"first rule of social media is that everthing changes all the time. what won't change is the community's desire to network." - kami huyse. that is the insight that drive us at one media. to actively engage in the ever changing social media landscape and create brand preference through intuitive and emotional connections and create powerful, meaningful interactions. let's make the power of influencer marketing for your brand.

add that sales burst.

influencer marketing is a great tool to drive targeted short term sales on a particular product or service. using their exponential reach our celebrity influencers can direct their followers to the sales even or product purchase opportunity, creating the sense of exclusive and immediate opportunity that drive sales.

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